Saturday, May 9, 2009

Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

Beginning from look at my friends resume, that too many words and pages. So, I think that resume isn’t powerful for apply some vacancies. Consistency in writing a resume so important to describe your character. Actually, too many advice for this subject in the internet. But, no matter if I want to share with all of you. May be, any some tips & tricks are new and up to date to share with you. Below, some tips and tricks to writing a resume. When you write a resume, ensure that you :

1. Use action word, such us developed, managed & designed
2. Keep paragraphs under 7 lines. Since resumes are often scanned by recruiters, it has a better chance of being read if it is condensed.
3. Be honest
4. Check throughly for grammar & spelling mistakes. It’s good idea to have friend look it over for unnoticed mistakes while you are writing your resume.
5. use high-quality paper that is white, ivory or another conservative colour
6. Use normal margin (approx 2 cms on top & bottom, approx 2.5 cms on sides)
7. make sure your resume is clear& visually pleasing
8. Make your resume unique. List technical skills, certificated awarde, professional membership, travel & community work if it relates to the job you are seeking

And don’t do like list before :

1. Be vague. Use percentages & numbers wherever possible.
2. Be too focused on job duties. Go above & beyond, listing the new programs you took part in.
3. Write about inappropriate & unnecessary personal experiences. Always pertain your activities to the job you are seeking.
4. Use personal pronouns, such as “I” and “me”.
5. Include copies of transcripts, letter of recommendation or award.
6. Include reasons you left your previous job.
7. Staple your resume.

I hope, it can help you to get your new job.

Some source from : Kelly service.


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