Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tips for Electronic Resume

Recently, almost opportunities in a job use an electronic resume to describe about you. Technology make this so simple and very efficient. But, sometime, many peoples confused how to make a electronic resume more effectively and have a powerfull idea. With an electronic resume, you can spread your resume to around the world. No limitation in your state, country or nation. Every people can look at your resume and you have more opportunity to join in various company that you want. So, when sending your electronic resume online, follow this guidelines to ensure you prepare an easy to read electronic resume :


1. Use plain text, blot headings and use bullet point rather than long paragraphs.
2. “Save” or “Save As” your electronic resume as a word file (DOC) or text only file (TXT). When saving , use only standard characters for the file name and keep the file size to a minimum.
3. Left justified is the preferred format for viewing a resume online.


1. Electronic resumes are searched by keywords (i.e marketing, engineer).
2. When responding an online job advertisement, use words from job description as keywords.
3. The more keywords you use, the better you chances are that a recruiter will see it.

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